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A Brief Introduction to Master Clue Scroll

A master clue scroll is the highest tier of clue scroll. There are some methods that players can obtain a master clue scroll. And you can buy cheap RS Gold to help you.

If you have an easy, medium, hard and elite clue scroll, find the Watson at his house, who is located south of the Estate agent at the Hosidius House and then give it to him. The chances of getting a potential reward from completing any easy, medium, hard or elite treasure trails are different.

Master clue scrolls are just like elite and hard clue scrolls as they also have combat encounters, including a Brassican Mage, Double agent or three Ancient Wizards. Master clues require a large amount of usually high-leveled items, requirements and quests to complete them.

Master clue scrolls can be as long as 3 to 8 steps. By the way, whenever you need RS Gold, will always be there for you.

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