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A New Slayer Boss

Maybe you have heared, a new Slayer boss - Grotesque Guardians will be added. So do you want to learn something about the new boss. Besides it's also important to buy cheap OSRS Gold to get prepared.

Jagex wants to bring a new mid-level Slayer boss, which is available at level 75, and takes a little more excitement to the Gargoyle task.
In order to meet the new boss, you need to get a rare, brittle key dropped from Gargoyles on death, which will permanently unlock the roof of the Slayer Tower. And then you will encounter Grotesque Guardians in place of normal Gargoyles when you are on a Gargoyle task.

The first unique item dropped from the boss is Granite Dust.You can use Granite Dust on cannonballs to make Granite-coated Cannonballs with no requirements. And you can get certain amount of Granite Dust from each kill against the new boss.

Another unique drop is Black Tourmaline Shards, which can be used with Bandos Boots to make Grotesque Boots.

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