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A Runescape Player Were Sentenced by Robbery

  If you are an online "RuneScape" player to Buy RS Gold, and then suddenly one day someone pointed a gun at you head, let you give up your all Runescape Gold, so how would you do it? This is not an assumption. Not long ago,it happed in the United States.

  The city university of New York, David Emani and Jonathan Dokler stole their classmates Humza Bajwad river's runscape gold. At first, Humza Bajwa tried to counterfeit currency was defrauded the two classmates of Cheap Runescape Gold, but They found that money is counterfeit currencies, Humza Bajwa and they had a fight , and then Bajwa took out the gun to David Emani head ,ordered him to give Jonathan Dokler a phone call and Let Jonathan Dokler put the rnuscape gold to Bajwa.

  Although he got is not a real gun, also rob the virtual currencies , but finally Bajwa was arrested and charged with two level robbery and steal. At present the case is still pending, and if both charges last set up,Bajwa finally could face 15 years in prison in RS GP.

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