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A good reputation of Jagex for Runescape

Goodwill to update the well is to make the community using their wealth in the game Runescape donated to the real world, a way of charity. Located in the south of the big exchanges, players can donate their extra items, gold and bonds and even into the Wells in the great charity. For each must GP value of donated by players, Jagex will donate $1 real gold and silver. Donation for each bonds, we will pass directly to the charity all the income received.

Over the years, we have privately to support some good reasons, we think this time, not only should we attempt to include our society also should notice to support a number of charity who is efficient, direct support for vulnerable groups, the efforts of the terminally ill or - the young people of risk. And there is no doubt that our charity list will be as time goes on, we want to start with some close to our own heart:

Why do you want to do it? Generous nourishes the soul. Person who gave it to public welfare undertakings, and saw the positive effect and good will, it creates will tell you, it felt really great show! In Jagex, we has been keen to charity work. Jagex - as a company - on a regular basis to raise money and donated thousands of pounds to various charities, every year - that doesn't include our talents together to improve our money, we always match a jin jin! We need to play a role in the children, red nose day, Movember and other charitable activities over the years many.

This year, however, we hope to find a way to extend to give our players, providing them with free, support charity behavior - if they are willing to - through their efforts in the game, inevitably affects their pockets without it. Add the goodwill of the well of the second advantage is that it will also serve as a huge piece of gold for the game: this is our promise, bond that still need to, it will have a significant impact to improve the game economy.

How can I participate? Our community team will hold a number of activities, the November, where you can show your support in the game. Plus we will be running a temporary HISCORE for RS GP's biggest donors and bonds for competitive type. On the shaft of the goodwill for more information, please see page goodwill, how much you can track and GP have been donated so far. Or, in our BBS discussion or reading our common problems.

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