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A hero welcome summer beach party

Legendary Fremennik hero - turned - god in the style of a hero's welcome home: runescape latest pursuit! To Lumbridge crater, attend the beach party in the summer. How to get a hero's welcome? Head Rellekka and speaker said pier.

Requirements: you must be a runescape members, the foreign tai bwo Wannai trio, 60 divination 67 mining, 62 ghost 67 forging, otto Godblessed barbarians training completion, combat suggest that at least 100, in the hero's welcome, you will encounter a strong V - known as those that have been completed, and Guthix - back to his bed.

You will be engaged in a series of dangerous raid dragon nest, and found that some of their darkest secrets.Ready to fight, because there will be a lot of fierce battle, but you need to brain and muscle to be successful.

Reward: win, you'll get a splendid XP, runecrafting better earnings, move into new areas contain scourge ore and unwavering dragon.There is also a repeatable boss fight, can reduce new missiles and a tradable cloak level 75.

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