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Advanced pulse core for MMORS

Get extra bonus XP and XP enthusiasts quickly superimposed as advanced pulse nuclear do a return treasure hunter from June 30th 00:00 to July 4th 23:59 UTC UTC.

Advanced pulsed core gems, equipped with advanced pulse core pocket slots add bonus XP for extra fast bonus regardless of your training skill until the stack runs out Buy RS Gold.

In addition, each time a person core depletion, it set up a pulse wave, giving to you and everyone in around 10 minutes 2% XP boost, and other benefits such as prayer or life, statistics or upgrade to a few skill level.

Advanced pulse kernel! This effect can be superimposed five times, up to 10% of the XP acceleration. Each further pulse that affects you will update your duration of 10 minutes.

Please note that Buy Runescape Gold

Advanced pulse core options can switch skills you don't want to train.

You no longer need to receive assistance from other players for buff.

Advanced pulse magnetic core working in the city.

The Ironman account cannot receive the lovers.

The merchant is back
Rivers and lakes the most severe boss
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