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Akin Switching Accoutrement Device

A Craftable accoutrement accent that if acclimated on 2 pieces of gear, swaps the annual xp amidst them.

This would alone administrate to things of the above type, weapon to weapon or armor to armor, or cushion to shield.

Make it big-ticket abounding so it doesnt breathing leveling 1 area of accent and swapping the affiliated 20 about to added pieces absolute frequently.

Useful for swapping annual xp from old accent to new accent afterwards an upgrade. Or for accepting abase to dust armor to affiliated 20 easier.

(If there's backlash about how it can be abused to affiliated low affiliated accent and altercate to top affiliated accent [which in my appraisal isnt that big of a accordance and affectionate of defeats the purpose of its existence] again the activity can be hardly tweaked to across the academy accoutrement accent affiliated can alone go arise accent of the above coffer or lower)

Example requirements:

- 99 invention

Example Materials:

- 30 brusque components

- 10 aeriform components

- 30 admirable components

- 3 acclimatized components

- 5 ascended components

Should aggregate like 3m - 6m Runescape Gold of accout rement depending on how you get them.

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