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Aquarium update the player has a house

Into your own aquarium in today's update player-polled construction and fishing. It packs two floors gills of fish and a huge variety of accessories, decor and nautical knick-knacks from Gielinor and equipped. Unlock allowance introduced prawnbroker rich: including baitless fishing; Jaws catch, cook and keep as pets, and the ability to make sushi: Advanced extra food as supplements.

Aquarium itself is a completely different kettle of fish: not hot, it is based on the regional grid, you are free to put a variety of items available. These include:

Get node, resulting in algae, seaweed, pearls and other precious stones, wood, and even elite clue scrolls, on a regular basis.

Large decorative items, Grant passive seize the opportunity to improve fishing waters around the world.

Purely decorative cosmetics, such as artillery, coral, and stone anchors.

Plug, when you collect all the fish aquarium available, so you reset it. Means the most dedicated among you, this prestige option means a fresh start, but grants you decorate plug first and second positions.

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