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Battles Between Realms in Runescape to RS Gold

  Runescape Boring days is over and you can immerse yourself into with RS Gold now! How can you get enough Runescape gold with little money but fast delivery? Come to us and you will figure this out!

  Whether you're a Triumvirate member, a clan or a lone warrior fighting for personal honour, it's time for a bloodthirsty battle to hold Al Kharid Palace's courtyard! The members of the Triumvirate, wearing their respective team capes, will fight one another in an attempt to take full control of the courtyard. Whoever holds the courtyard at key times (every 15 minutes) will receive 50 Influence for their Triumvirate faction. Even if you are not part of the Triumvirate, you can still join in, by signing up to join one of the factions in the Triumvirate forums. Alternatively, you can just put on a yellow team-11 cape and try to gain control for the unaligned to Buy RS Gold.

Runscape Triumvirate Gathering and Soul Wars Challenge
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