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Behind the scenes march 2016 I

Deep, deep lake water, fierce fighting continues, immersed in bad blood between the 4 generals and their Warring factions. This month we bring you, God of war 2.

Month is all about the God of war, and this month with some very special content, released a few weeks update. You will be able to Buy RS Gold explore the world together a film about the cruel conflict is what an epic story. Working together, mining the hidden room in the desert, finally join the fray myself some good equipment gielenor gracefully.

First of all, you will be with the curator, a dragon knight with an empty book, eager to fill it "and the eternal battle story. They are what kind of story. You will from the earth of the four corners of the collection of memory, learning how sliske zamorak and serene, Zaros and send in the troops of gielenor - heart a lot of spiritual power, with the force of the original and mature development. The competition here is very strong, you will have the chance to win reputation and respect, you need to live and learn many secrets of MMORS RS Gold a new transport position, once in the dungeon door is open.

Behind the scenes march 2016 II
Win a life sized shield of arrav
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