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Behind the scenes march 2016 II

Once you find the position, you need to cooperate with the community, clean up the room, the reconstruction of its former glory, statues, and even training local recruits to deal with Buy RS Gold the surface of the world war, in order to cope with these challenges...

These important community activities will require some special tools, you can earn from treasure hunters, daily or buy your loyalty points. The award consists of a large number of XP and some great new gear including arm cannon.

Aggregation and background story, reconstruction of the entrance, will unlock and reputation, you will get everything you need to step boldly into this month's update to the final dungeon itself, to surmount the ancient door of battle hardened enemy. Although inspired by the original God of war dungeon, the impact of providing its own unique rhythm and eventually in the game, the money in the battle, these new general hands. These will be in the next few weeks through our social sources. The huge dynamic center span of the conflict zone, full of screaming. You will find that you have the ability to influence the course of the fighting, call allies, claim of territory and the right to return this sacred battle leader massacre.

The reward is predictable, absolutely amazing. God will have the new equipment, but we kept it until we reveal, closer to launch. We even in a gallery competition with all your budding artists, have the opportunity to win a true copy of this, to obtain a copy of the real, so check the events and competition of the forum for MMORS RS 3 Gold more information!

Calm, sliske, Zamorak and Zaros, a huge new underground city, 4 new boss, new story background, the new gear and a community event? This month will be epic!

When you fill your heart, all joy, waiting for God in the full range of battlefield prison 2 content, we get some updates, to support a month this dramatic.

Gameblast16 has come to an end
Behind the scenes march 2016 I
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