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Behind the scenes the next month September

Two big dates should be in this month's Diary of any self respecting scraper.

Is the first time in September 17th, when runefest rolled into town (London, to be precise). Tune into runefest directly from the 9:30 at the time of Buy RS Gold the game in our twitch channel. I hope to die earlier, there are 2017 is a huge bulletin board.

Second is a rule of their all twenty-third to September twenty-sixth is a double XP weekend. If you like sweet, reap the sweet taste, then double XP's weekend buffet, you won't want to miss.

It is worth remembering that the invention is now a double XP weekend thing, let you get an extra 50% points when the training of the invention. To celebrate, we will make a pick, to another way of Buy Runescape Gold non combat team training.

The bounty hunter and crucible Deathmatch
Rivers and lakes idle Adventures
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