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Benefits of Masks in Runescape

In the treasure hunter's activity, there are seven masks, masks all seven conveys the following benefits:

Other killer XP kill creatures. This is for you or not is the transfer of biological problems. Drop in extra 10 struck - not including portrait or clue scroll, but the charm.

Increase the damage and hit precision and its associated creatures, and in the distribution of it.

After killing a set of Numbers, the mask will become a visual version improvement at the helm. Able to switch back to the mask, if you like the look of it. However, in this sense, at the helm/mask will no longer give extra XP, operational efficiency and additional drops. All the other benefits remain.

To ensure the ability of slaughtering allocation of its relevant biological - once a day, the troll mask, with other once every three days. More information is on where you can buy cheap RS Gold.

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