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Boat to the arc event How do I take part

Log in every day, and receive 100 tools. On your list click on the tool and warp ship in the port in the construction area. Join your fellow runescapers and Buy RS Gold use different skills every day to build a boat, travel goods to the eastern land.

He uses your tools for your XP and progress points (individuals and groups). The higher the progress bar, when the event is over, the more mysterious boxes and a better return, you will unlock. All of the awards will be on the ship's construction area of UMI seasinger to twenty-seventh.

CR I de la Cr I provide reward is definitely wearable technology backpack:

Skilling 's Backpack

The backpack is worn on Buy Runescape Gold your back and there are some costs. Whenever you use a charge you will get about 10 minutes of flat XP to enhance your skills. In addition, every charge, it will be a fantastic project such as feather or proteans silverhawk. Once you open the backpack, the more personal and social progress is the whole event, the more powerful XP acceleration will become (up to 5% XP) and more costs, you will have.

When all the cost of running up the backpack into a fantastic cosmetics project - as well as a cosmetic cover, at the first upgrade level.

Shadow dragon cavalry equipment patch
Treasure hunter is arc event
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