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Boost Your Runescape Account Security

The RuneScape authentication device is the first step to keep your account safe, but do you know that there are more ways to make it more secure?

The RuneScape validator is best considered a padlock - if someone can simply use the key, the padlock's strength is irrelevant. Keep your registered email security the same, and make full use of the authenticator if it's not more important.

If you haven't be already, please note the following points:
Add two-step verification to your registered email
Similar to using the Authenticator to protect your RuneScape account, you can also protect your email address with two-step authentication. Having this extra level of security on your registered email means that only you can access it, using the device you choose to authorize access.

Most large email providers will provide two-step authentication. Add two-step verification to back up your email. Any E-mail address that can be used to restore your registered. Email address is called "backup E-mail". You want to use the same security awareness of this address as your registered email address.

The good time to check whether the validator is still active is if you update the password to your account for any reason. The Old School RuneScape player can check the account on the RuneScape home page and then check the Authenticator TAB.

Keep your password safe
Do not reuse passwords in your RuneScape account or your email, and make sure you set a strong password that is hard to guess/interrupt. Make sure that your email and your RuneScape account passwords are absolutely unchanged. Consider using a password manager like LastPass to help manage your password

Check your Authenticator status. To check whether the RuneScape Authenticator is active and to protect your account, log into RuneScape hall to see if you can see a tick on the Authenticator button:RS_Auth_Tick.

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