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Brief Introduction of Artisans Workshop

The Artisans Workshop is a place that can provide players with chances for smithing training. It is located in the south-east corner of Falador and available to free players and memebers.

Go to the Artisans Workshop by teleporting, speak to Aksel who will tell you about the areas of the workshop. You need to provide your own ores, so you should make them into ingots before they are used to do training in the workshop. Use the ore on the smelter to make ingots, then withdraw the ingots from the smelter. You need to make different level of ingot by using different amount of ores.

To make dwarven burial armour, go to the back of the workshop on the ground floor and speak to Suak to learn how to do it. Note that you will gain more experience if making higher leveled armour. In this minigame, you will get respect from workers, you can use the respect to exchange for rewards. In the end, the cheapest Deadman Gold is waiting for you on

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