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Brief Introduction of Chaos Dwarves

The Chaos dwarves are an ancient and dark race of Dwarves and are servants of Zamorak. Mmors which is a professional RS Gold selling site will give you a brief introduction of it.

Chaos Dwarves have hearts of chaos and charred bodies. Their bodies will turn to Ashes after they die, the skeleton and armour will be left. There are Chaos dwarf lava flow miner, Chaos dwarf, Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer, Red Axe director, Chaos giants, Chaos Hreidmar and Chaos Grimsson in RuneScape.

You can find the chaos dwarf fighters in many areas, but the chaos dwarf hand cannoneers can only be seen in the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield. Different dwarf and ogre have magical ability through their ogre side. They fight with the chaos dwarves but are not treated as chaos dwarves. Normal dwarves can not use magic, but Imcando dwarves and chaos can do it.

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