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Brief Introduction of Nex in Runescape

Who is Nex? Nex is the general of the Zarosian army and one of the most dangerous monsters in RuneScape. which is a professional RS Gold selling site will give you a brief introduction of it.

Nex has five different phases, they are Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice, and Zaros. In smoke phase, Nex uses smoke spells. Its special abilities are no excape, dragging a player. Note that Nex will damage any players who stand in her way. In shadow phase, she uses shadow spells and her special abilities are fear the shadow and embrace darkness. In blood phase, she uses blood spells and the special abilities are blood sacrifice, healing and siphon.

Players are suggested to count as she uses this for exactly 4 hits after she has done the blood sacrifice. In ice phase, Nex uses ice spells and its special attacks are ice cage and ice prison. Note that if the icicles are not broken in time, the encased player can take up to between 5000 and 6000 damage. In Zaros phase, Nex uses magic and melee attacks. When the Nex dies, she will use the Wrath prayer, leading to 200-300 damage.

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