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Buy Cheap RS Gold From Mmors

Have you played Raids in Old School? They are a true PvM challenge. If overcoming the immense challenge, there will be a lot of rewards.

First, Kodai robes, which can provide best-in-slot stats for magic gear. Only above level 75 Magic & Defence can equip the robes. They have the advantage of not being degradable. Then, it's Dragon sword. Old School players have always been hoping to bring the dragon sword into the game and now it finally comes. Level 60 Attack can equip it.

Dragon throwing axes are also amazing. They can provide a Ranged attack and strength of more than 32. In addition, the special attack of the axes will be able to freeze the target for 5 seconds and only cost 30% special attack energy.

So do you to have a try? If you need cheap RS Gold, remember to go to

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