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Buy RS 3 Gold for Menaphos

With the release of RS Menaphos on June 5, all players are busy stocking up on Slayer Reward Points. So we mmors, a professional RS 03 Gold selling ste, want to introduce easy ways to get Slayer Reward Points.

If you are low on points, you can do 9 tasks from the Canifis Master then go Morvran/Kuradel every 10th task. Collect up as many VIP Slayer tickets as possible to replace Slayer Points in use.

If you have no VIP tickets, you can get easily from daily treasure hunter keys, Cabbage Facepunch, Thaler, and Rush of Blood. It is said that, you can get 8-10 tickets, as well as double points for the first 250 points you earn daily, if your teammates play smart.

You also can buy cheap RS 3 Gold and directly go to Menaphos, which is the easiest way to play Menaphos.

Menaphos was Available in Runescape
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