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Buy your tickets now and get a day RuneFest enter the year of the greatest events in RuneScape - all just £ 99 *!

From next Tuesday, you can buy air tickets, hotel rooms, Zemomarks (in 2015 currency currency RuneFest consumption) and flights RUNESCAPE bonds. You know, we've got a percentage of the reserved tickets for the health of bond purchases, so you will get a ticket, regardless of your preferred payment type.

2015 RuneFest shape is best, but - a picture of the subject invention Steampunk with an added helping vampyric darkness.

Its two stages will have a packed schedule: exclusive reports, panel Q & As, and the legendary gold dwarf award.

This is a time to look forward to the fantastic content coming next year. Most importantly, though, this is a time for the whole community to come together and celebrate all things in RuneScape.

We can not wait to meet you, tell you what we have planned for next year. Let your tickets now and join discussed RuneFest forum.

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