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Carnage Racing on the App Store

Oh wait, no one cares about this. I do not even like racing games, but I'm quite confident you can find much greater high quality titles available than this one particular. Can't keep in mind the final time Jagex essentially created a thriving game that didn't commence with an r and end in an e.Why do you guys even have developers functioning on junk like this in place of the principle game/osrs anyways? What a waste of time and money on your behalf.

Any person try to remember funorb? Ace of spades? Mechscape perhaps? Did not think so. Gl using the transformers on the net game btw. I checked on yt just to view how that game was progressing and noticed that the final official video was from over a year ago. Prime comments had been when is this game going to be released?". Apparently they do not know about Jagex and their track ecord.

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