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Castle Wars in OSRS

From now on, OSRS Castle Wars is available in the Clan Wars. Are you guys familiar with the new update? If no, we will give you a brief introduction. If you want to buy cheap RS Gold, will be a good choice.

Castle Wars located in the south-western corner of Kandarin. And only memebers can access the lands between CW and the Traverley gate. However, the added portal to Clan Wars will teleport F2P players to the CW lobby.

In the minigame, you need to take the enemy's standard from their castle and bring it to yours, which rewards you one point each time. At the same time, you need to stop the enemies from taking your flag by placing barricades, locking doors, collapsing tunnels underground, or killing them.

The number of tickets rewarded for the completion of CW in F2P is the same as that with the members variant. But it's different for the rewards provided in Lanthus’shop, where you cannot get halos, decorative ranged sets, and decorative magic sets for the accompanying stat increases.

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