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Champion Scroll in Runescape

When players kill some certain monsters in RuneScape, the monsters will drop the Champion's scroll. Players can receive the scroll when they are in the battle with the champion of the race.

The champion may be fought in the Champion's Challenge Distraction and Diversion by taking the scroll to the cellar of Champions' Guild. Players will obtain a lot of experience in the Constitution and Slayer skills after winning the battle with the champion. There are 10 different champion's scrolls, and each scroll is from a different race's champion.

After fighting with 10 champions, playes will face the challenge from the human champion of champions Leon D'Cour, and face Leon D'Cour after defeating the 13 champions. Champion's scrolls will not be affected by the ring of wealth. Players' chance of a chamion's scroll will be increased if having a champion scroll enhancer in the inventory. Note that players can not fight the same champion twice.

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