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Chaos Elemental in Runescape

Chaos Elemental is a boss monster with 305 combat level and can be found in the north-eastern part of the Wilderness. Mmors where sell the cheapest and fastest RS Gold will introduce you some tips.

A crystal bow or zaryte bow is the best choice for you because the bows can shoot the Chaos Elemental from the distance. You can use a familiar and a combat familiar. It is a good choice to bring some dreadnips, note that the dreadnip may run away when the Elemental uses teleport spell. You can take items which are effective and low in price.

Magic is the most frequent type of damage, so you are recommended to use Protect From and Deflect Magic to limit damage. It is a good idea that bring a prayer potion and use Protect Item. In addition, you'd better join a team. You should stand opposite one another with the Elemental in between to slow the attacks after you fight in a team.

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