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Chapter A package of rum for any pirate

1 You start this voyage during which you chat to Redbeard Chad. This can be located southerly of Port Sarim club with a pier.He can show you anything of the treasure. On demand from customers for you he responded by way of contacting for your bottle of wine of rum Nevertheless, he requires a far more precise form, this Karamja rum.

2 So Stop by Karamja. For this you go via Redbeard Frank from south-west over the bridge till you go to the sailors put on blue. Pays these folks (eg. Sailor Lorris) 35 rs gold to the visit to Karamja.

3 Leave the Schff and from now on operates the tavern west of you. Perhaps there is with Zambo and will buy a bottle associated with Karamja rum for 35 gold cash.

4 Now you can find an issue. You need to return to a ship, nonetheless, win on Karamja so stringent customs restrictions that you'll get rid of the Karamja rum on-line, the customs standard. Therefore you should come across a different way. This goes to Luthas, that you can obtain northeast from the bar.Talk to him for money, he features to compensate you 30 gold cash any time you fill the carrier wood next to the household with bananas.

5 Therefore goes north-west into the blueberry trees and deciding on there a complete of Twelve bananas.

6 Then you really see a picket container and rehearse the Karamja rum jar with him in order to stow the container. Right-click the container, after which it find the "Fill" alternative to retailer your bananas there. The container is already whole.Moving for you to Luthas, tell him you have carried out your position, and he provides you with 30 gold cash as a prize. Then nonetheless requests wherever this pot is taken to. Get ess figured out the intention is usually Wydins store in Harbour Sarim, would make you to definitely the persuits officer with the connect and experience the actual boat to Slot Sarim.

7 Now go to the doing some fishing retail store of Gerrant and produce you from there any white apron.

8 Place on an apron as well as goes south of your fishing shop with Wydins retail store. Tried to get into the back again space, however Wydin will prevent you from given that workforce are authorized to get into this home. And that means you talk to him for those who can obtain a work with your ex. He'll inquire you when you have a white kitchen apron, responds with Without a doubt and you simply are hired. You can now enter the space to buy rs gold. Investigation the crate together with the banana and you'll look for the bottle of bourbon.

9 Relocating to Redbeard Honest and give him your bottle of Karamja tequila. He hands a keys to the chest muscles chest of her former Captain Hector. The chest area is found in Varrock in the pub towards the blue silent celestial body.

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