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Chapter_IV_ Getting Started test III_God Wars Dungeon trip

"The amount of this ...... does fit, but you do not need bless things, must have something to do, wasted your time can be bad ..." "Nothing, I'm doing you a favor, help you right , I can continue my task, this is not the best of both worlds? "task? full point you're not a task it?" "a long story, I did not thoroughly understand how it it, do not ask me problem  to get rs gold "" Well, we are now making a rare Pharmacy, need very precious herbs that have been traditionally only growth in the the northern God of War along the dungeon, and now it is almost impossible to find, we spend lots of money to hire hunters in the jungle fowler when fortunate enough to find a This herb seeds, but we do not have one species of this herb, your cultivation level is pricey, is not to help us kind of look? "This simple, give me the seeds I went to species. "This was not easy, this herb is grown only in the God Wars Dungeon near that kind of environment, one of our Druid finally got there a herbal fields, in return had no audio on the road, with an estimated either freeze to death is killed trolls you have to get there, planted the seed that herbal fields this child is very valuable, do not waste. the specific location of the herbal field, we do not know, just know that God war dungeon near Druid certainly would not pick any place, there are wolves, who Druid will, of course, would not choose to be wolf hit the place to build the field. Note where you can not access your tools. Good luck. "Kaqemeex seed to the Jonas.

Time can not be delayed, Jonas in through the underground dwarf channel ran to the bank, took some transfer more runes, then go to a nearby agricultural store to buy some tools and sent to Trollheim. Then go north, take the two full days (I know the game a few minutes, but ), the middle of the night are on their way. Finally, he pushed boulders, followed by wolves rushed over to their own. Jonas to draw abyss Tengbian), pumping give up on this up to attack their own wolf. He also saw the poor knight, while stocks he is back to see he was dead. But he did not see what he most wanted to see herbal fields. Continue northbound, then westbound, he found that the herbal field. He found that there's no weeds, no weeding. "May be too cold." To Jonas to himself. He was ready to sprinkled with supercompost, discovered that this super compost sprinkled in the fields will freeze. He only broke down the ice on the soil, and then planted the seed.

In this world of ice and snow, Jonas, by virtue of his will, really live for a few months (a very short game, but taking into account the reality, the general herbs should be for long years, I said a few months has been considered a very short ), and finally harvested herbs. He really felt relieved. He pulled out a duel Ring , back to Castle Wars, and then do a hot air balloon back Taverley. To Kaqemeex and Druid saw Jonas back, all cheered. How, chilled not? "Cordial Kaqemeex, asked. Give you herbs. Jonas at this time did not think to buy rs gold. "Thank you, but our elite Herbalist to Fala Duo act, the less they have to two weeks to come back, although I can do, but after all old ,no , Can you help us a favor, to help us complete this medicine? "" Well, I help people to help in the end, what else is required and auxiliary materials? "

Runescape game has different task system
Chapter_III entry test II_Vacanti TSERN temple
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