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Collect Birds Nests While Woodcutting

Although woodcutting, bird's nests once in a while drop out from tree and land beside you. In the event you pick up the nest and research for it, it might comprise some beneficial or valuable objects, for instance rings and farming seed.


Other feasible booties consist of crow eggs, crimson, inexperienced or blue eggs. These eggs can hatch and lift for a pet who have better degree of summon talent. The moment vacant, nest can be crushed with Herblore expertise of a mortar.


Besides the conventional woodcutting, you may get claws and Wyson from management Miscellania after which you can deal using the big mole gardener Moore. Nests acquired from Wyson may contain normal seeds, vanilla seeds or empty.


Jagex suggests you'll be able to enhance your odds when obtaining a bird's nest, and dressed strung rabbit's foot which involves Amount 24 Hunter to don 37 crafts to raise the chance of woodcutting.

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