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Combat Guide For RS Gamers

When play RS, some monsters attack you automatically, as they are aggressive, this saves a lot of clicks, retaliate when car is turned on. Aggressive they remain for about 10 minutes, then you must go for a few seconds and then back, then comes the thing all over again. Aggressive monsters are in the normal world just as long as you have not more than double their combat levels. A typical example is the Dagganoths the Lighthouse dungeon. Dagannoths are level 77 and 92, so only people with combat should hinwagen 90 and 70 defense there, not too fast, the food inventory to clear. Specifically, it pays only if you hold out at least 2 x 10 minutes of "acting" with cheap food. Take food as runes and runescape gold with some to the food in the first Stock to the dealer to sell and buy back as an item. So you will save you all the way to the bank.

Just because some monsters give good drops, it does not mean that they bring you a lot of XP. So take your pick monsters that have high hitpoints number, but you rarely meet. So you reached maximum XP per hour. 2 examples of monsters with relatively large amount of HP and low Combat: level 22 Skeletons (29 HP), Level 72 Bloodvelds (120 HP). This is also not without interest for Magic and Ranged when the monsters have low HP (20) often leads to the "pleasure" that the final blow leaves only 1-2 hit points left and get back a new victim to look.

Students who have completed the Legends Quest, associated with the Shadow Warriors Legends dungeon an ideal training opportunity.The Axe hat is even better since the Animated Axes are easy to kill and respawn very many of them in a small space, but because the hat in level 55 Wilderness is, you have to expect Pkern.

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