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Combat rating and Total Lvl for runescape

Combat rating The combat ratings Combat Level, referred to as CB lvl. CB lvl = max {att, str, hp, mag, rag} + def +2, the above is a statement of the mathematical language, namely: the combat level is equal to attack or added to the maximum level of strength or physical or magic or bows defense rating plus If it is a melee basic need to enhance certain attack, strength, defense, prayer, or summon surgery level only can enhance play against level magic base, the need to enhance certain magic prayer or summon surgery grade only can enhance the fighting and so on. 2. . Bow and arrow basis, the need to upgrade the bow and arrow, prayer or summoning level before we can upgrade the combat level. The other players can visually see you this level. Member Versus the highest level to 200. Players which can buy rs gold can switch to attack mode to view your Combat Level.

The total level,also known as the Skill Total, referred to as Tot LVL. As the name suggests, the total level is the sum of the players of all skill levels. Only practiced fighting skills (described earlier), it is not the total level is high, and the need to practice life skills before they can be total level is raised to a certain height. The total level reaches 1000 or 1500, you can enter a special server (specify Skill Total (1000) or (1500) server), these servers are generally relatively high life skills which can make rs gold in the game. Improve any skill can enhance the total grade. Players can view their own skill level place to view your Total Level.

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