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Common Scamming Cases In Old School RuneScape

These are examples of temptation. The way that the deceiver introduces the temptation may change, but the technology usually stays the same.

Give up temptation/temptation
The original premise was that someone had a "gift". A cover or stream of people usually recorded on YouTube. It involves investing in high-value items to gain wealth.

So in the first round you dropped your stuff and traded me for 100 meters. I only have a 270m deal... You can do so much, because I do these guys. It is usually done by teleport your methods or manipulates your AD resources so that you cannot pick up discarded items.

Seed pod
It involves discarding high-value items based on "gifts". Then, the seducer will ask you to click on the seed pod, usually under the guise of making fireworks (and, of course, it will take you to the tree). When you are in a tree, the bait will be able to pick up your discarded items.

They are also often used as bait, but as bait. The antiseduce warned of the use of the pod. This is done to try to diversify your other mechanism, which will prevent you from picking up your items. It is usually invited to join a group (through a packet system) and then sent to Mazda. The idea is that your key is not to be fooled, instead of using the seed pod, so you are vulnerable to some other interfere with what you pick up the goods (in this case was transferred to other places).

Wild temptation
This is one of the oldest temptations in RuneScape and can take many forms. Eventually, the swindlers lured the victims to dangerous places, so they could be killed for carrying their wealth and belongings. The best prevention is simply not to go into any area of danger that you don't want to lose.

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