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Corporeal Beast in Runescape

Corporeal Beast is one of the strongest boss monsters in RuneScape, players can fight them after completing Summer's End quest. Mmors where sell fast RS Gold will give you some tips.

You should know that all non-spear weapons will deal 50% damage when killing the Corporeal Beast. You can use chaotic and zamorakian spear as weapons. When ranging the beast, you can avoid the area of effect magic attacks. Note that protect and deflect magic prayer must be used with the Devotion ability. It is suggested to bring dreadnips because they can poison and stun the beast and do moderate damage.

In addition, blood necklaces and the shield are useful when fighting the beast. You can use a spear and quake to lower the defence. Pulverise deals a amount of damage and reduces the Beast's damage. Remember that you will take damage from the Corporeal Beast's magic attacks, and avoid all melee attacks when ranging.

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