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Craftsman Workshop Update

Ninja has penetrated into artisan workshops, so that large quantities of updates to ancient forging activities. They found a lot more humane, and introduced some cool new rewards - including auto-reload your dwarf cannon!

The team is planning to do more focused update this way, the game is today the older part of the standard. If you have a specific idea RUNESCAPE part of, you want to see a therapeutically ninja, let us know in the spotlight ninja forum topic.

Blacksmith burial armor has a new side of the interface to make the activity more responsive and user-friendly: By default, in your inventory in the first ingot will be selected. The interface will react, you change out of your gold stock. Select the new pieces of armor can be forged, and the next cycle will be applied to complete. Select the new ore will immediately stop and restart the forging process and new mines.For more RUNESCAPE and Buy RS Gold from




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