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Create a Healthy and Harmonious Atmosphere for RS

In order to create a healthy and harmonious atmosphere of the game, but also for the players to have a good mood to communicate, RuneScape system for speech were restricted. More information is on where you can buy cheap RS Gold.

Official Use the keyword filtering, prevent players said some inappropriate words or personal attacks. That some inappropriate words will be converted into "*." In addition, if a player said some inappropriate words, and is not filtered, if they are to other people or official found, it will be punished gag days. When the player has been banned, not through the official game forums, chat, chat rooms and private chat speak, until the ban so far.

In order to protect the player of children to choose their own age to 13 years of age or younger, can not speak in the game, the equivalent gag, all applications unless the parents request. But because age is self-administered, and therefore not yet reached the 13-year-old player may choose 13 years of age, is not subject to gag affected.

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