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Creative competition of designing clothing game

Solomon's general store, provide clothing covering the scope of a dream, which allows you to create almost any equipment. You can be an epic mage, dark wizard, or a strange man with ears and tail. Customization is the key, but didn't you ever want more creative and beyond the dress! We are giving you the opportunity to make your dress in the game, can give you to look at your drop dead! As Christmas is near we ask you to send your winter and Christmas Wintumber as the theme of the clothing advice, whether happy snowman, armored polar bears, penguins mastermind or Arnold Schwarzanelf base.

Remember, your design is covered in several parts of the project: clothing, head, body of the leg, hands, foot, The shawl, weapons, Main hand, deputy, and the effect. Everyone likes to mix build, therefore, make sure your choice of clothing and others will work to make it more popular. You don't have to rewrite design weapons and effect for the tournament, but this option is there if you want to give it a go!

You will need to design clothing of men and women. If you want them to look the same, be sure to illustrate this point in your design. All you need to do is to participate in this contest and design an equipment design of Solomon's general store with the subject "clothing design competition", and in the message containing your display name.

The rules of the game: All work must be completed on your own. It must be the Christmas or winter theme in some way. Don't close it before based event or an existing project. All rights in the design will be Jagex Ltd. We will choose a few of our favorite program for our art team, and then put it in a player vote to decide which equipment you want to see in the game. The winners will not only get their project, but will also get a free version of this project!

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