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Customer Service Week for mmors

This is the time of Cheap RS 3 Gold year again - the National Customer Service Week!

This means that the decline, a first-of-its-kind customer service live streaming exclusive new version of events per day in the game, the forum Q & As, reddit of AMAS, "a day in the life" of the story and a whole load microblogging More.

We really want to celebrate our work 24 hours a day customer service team to do here Jagex support RUNESCAPE. Those keeping your account secure, game security, solve your problems, answer questions and tweet, in cooperation with the development team to promote the game of improvements and fixes,to name a few of the things they do.

This year, we want more. We would like to invite you into the wonderful world of the service, so you exactly what we do, how we do exploration. With activities and events into every day this week, there will be something for everyone. Take the Department of Defense Kelvin blog to read an overview of the country's national customer service, and then note the following schedule to your calendar!

Welcome to discuss it and buy RS 3 Gold on our website

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