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Dagannoth king and the wilderness dungeon rework

Dagannoth king and Buy RS Gold the wilderness dungeon rework double XP weekend to repair the invention of the Two rework items to the game this week, enjoy the fight with awesome more profitable for dagannoth king, and then through the three revitalization wildy dungeon rifle.

Equipped with a dual XP weekend, Friday began to check out the patch and broadcast information further down the news after.

Dagannoth rework - fresh graphics improvements


Member of the political arena. Good combat equipment and skills.

Rework Kings Dagannoth

A wonderful picture of the dagannoth king and the water island at the bottom of the wet and humid home has come to the game. According to the legend of Buy Runescape Gold the art of philosophy, this revival of the fremennik is bound to shock your game as we enter the fall - be sure to take it once.

Better is that, dagannoth's prime minister, Rex, and the top of the improved drop table to fight these guys are more profitable. These tables are also included in the dagannoth King's new teletabs - these can also be traded.

Dungeon of the wild
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