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Daily treasure map award

Summer beach party has returned to Lumbridge volcano once again making it the place to go until September 12th.

With your old flame, the characteristics of Buy RS Gold a new free daily items of a treasure map, and two new activities: terrorbird racing and hook-a-duck, agility and XP were hunters.

Be sure to check out Solomon's store, the latest addition: sex.

Finally, grab Osborne Mod to say live in 15:00 August 17th UTC Gamescom (game time) in the twitch of the main channel!

Welcome to the beach


Entertainment, XP to the beach party from last year to come back, with some great new supplement.

New terrorbird race

The full circle can be as soon as possible to the maximum agile XP and the opportunity is in the hiscores page, click on the beginning of the door can be visible.

Pick up the starting point of Buy Runescape Gold a terrorbird mountain, or use your (now recolourable) April fool's day terrorbird hill.

Win a real life Inferno Adze
Runefest reveals that the tickets are still available
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