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Dark Areas Wilderness in a Special Place in RuneScape Game

  Dark areas Wilderness is making RS Gold in a special place in RuneScape, based on the story of the game is the god of chaos the Zamosc Mubarak (Zamorak) as.

  December 10, 2007, the dark areas have been PvP (Player Versus to select Runescape Gold) function, the predecessor of the PvP world. However, since December 10, 2007, the official announced that the dark areas of PvP functionality cancel, and adds three major features: Gang War (Clan War), Bounty Hunter (Bounty Hunter) and Revenants (ghost). [20] mainly because the game official noticed a lot of players to an account owned by the props, Cheap RS Gold as the death of prizes transactions to another account, the game economy becomes unfair.

  The bounty hunter in the dark areas were canceled, replaced, because only it has the PvP function and for the voluntary use of all the players, but because of the subject of the game too much, because not very popular. At the same time, many players have been demands of reconstruction PvP. Until August 15, 2008, the official launch of a PvP features built prepare - PvP World (see PvP world).

  In dark areas, the main function of Revenants to bit RS Gold, they will be alone, or a group to randomly move around. Revenants one came to the real players, will be issued to the attack, and three will be. Moreover, the specter able to mimic the players eat blood.( buy RS gold) Therefore, the player an encounter Revenants To escape, you need to keep running. Therefore, Revenants for the players to do the task in the dark areas or explore, bring some trouble. In dark areas, all automatically wrestle level players (NPC) will automatically attack. Near the volcano, from time to time there will be lava random pop-up, and also for the players to bring some harm. February 1, 2011, runescape previous wilderness re-permitted PK to Buy RS Gold online at MMORS.COM!

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