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Dealing with draw distance about Runescape

This is the first in a series of ways to develop your blog to your way of NXT's launch of our new arena client.

Looking for more development blogs like these in the coming weeks, the NXT weekend news for the upcoming Beta.

Read as the Defense Department Philip tells us more about the challenges that make you NXT's fascinating scenery, face the team.

In this new client, you can also see a lot more than the existing Java client. Gielinor which means we can look better than before, but it also brings some problems to be solved. When the game was originally designed, it was never intended to allow the player to see that far. This leads to some "fun" decisions in the game world of things.

The first question is, in some parts of the world, it looks like they should be closer to the topic. This is mainly the case of the karamja islands and so on, and now look, if you can give them a quick swim, not a long voyage.

Welcome to discuss it and Buy RS Gold on our website.

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