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Deep into the first mission Pollcast

To join the exposure to Jane and Mr Osborne, they go deep into the first mission Pollcast! Listen to the defense department Osborne, talking about the players’s vote, action and future power players will have the opportunity to vote the pursuit of a continuation of the task or age 6.Not sure what you do mean? Don't worry, because he will enter each option, and explore thinner, juicy details. We will be keen to know you! Interviewing Mr Osborne is the defense department to provide explanations.

Never miss another plot, because at this time we release it early. Bohemia jojo will answer your questions from Facebook and Twitter BBS and RUNESCAPE RuneRadio system requirements to live in the air! In order to solve your problem in the early days, please head to this thread. Your problem could be anything, from the skill of how to enter this industry, in what the JMod is like "a day in the life"! Joe is the so-called office administrative assistant defense MMG, so she always running wheel organization, planning. Joe will also be playing some of her favorite songs in her "rhythm and flow show", and the plate, so it is definitely worth tuning and the party. Post your questions on the response on our thread. RuneZone will be uploaded shortly after the exhibition, which advocates to their YouTube channel in OfficialRZ.

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Non solo pet added to the interface of pet
Enjoy live RUNESCAPE convulsions
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