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Defense of MMG micropayments Runescape

There are quite a few recent discussion community RUNESCAPE respond. Micropayments based services, such as Solomon's general store or ling project, is to help keep the RUNESCAPE as an important part of a healthy business. If we don't provide micropayments, either we need monthly membership here to more than double the cost or halve the size of the team Runescape, or in other ways, we prefer not to consider other quite a bad choice.

And has a sound business, we can and will continue to pour our love into in an enviable scale - RUNESCAPE RUNESCAPE employs approximately 160 professionals develop team and a total of more than 200 full-time, including community, infrastructure and customer support.

This allows us to release the game update every week, run the community activities, a charity run, run the old school, make video, real-time operation flow, investment in the content and the marketing of the new players, completely free operation of the game world, to create a vigorous development of mobile applications, perform extensive research and development of new technology, to ensure the future of RUNESCAPE, and continue from the community to hire more RUNESCAPE great genius.

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