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Detailed Erengu play

Or a copy of the game with the traditional battlefield different, "Runescape" The Erengu is a battlefield and a copy complex, where players can fight each other in addition to PK, you can also challenge BOSS, of course, in addition to a variety of tempting rewards props etc., there are a lot of experience reward.

Detailed Erengu play: "Runescape" in three time periods Erengu open every day, 16: 20,19: 20,20: 20 three slots open Erengu registration activities, all successful registration staff, the system will the role of rating and combat power, etc. for distribution.

Erengu map cap is accommodated two teams, the crew limit of 6 people per team. Good team assignment, the two sides can be transferred to the main battlefield area by NPC, kill each other and be competing for space monsters.

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Rivers and lakes of the equipment system
Star beads obtained and synthetic
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