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Different Weapons in Runescape

In Runescape, there are many different weapons, such as machetes, daggers, sword, bow, crossbow, sword, magic wand, throwing knives, whips and the like. More information is on

The different weapons have different attacks and effects, such as poke category applicable to machetes and swords. As for the different weapons, resulting in the same effect is also not the same as an attack action, such as machetes and swords have a class of attack will cause more emphasis on accuracy criterion drawn from attack effect, while 80% of the value of the lessons learned. They will be allocated to attack skills, while the rest will be allocated to the value of life skills.

You may do not know all of the weapons today I am introducing. There are many ways to get weapons, and you can get a copy of the task, but the most direct way is to use RS Gold.

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