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Discussion About Mammoth Boss

There is a hot talking point about whether Mammoth boss OSRS should be added. Do you know what's Mammoth? If no, welcome to to learn some information.

Many players suggest that a Mammoth boss should be added in the place around Mammoths, where is mostly empty. Mammoths are a species of elephant-like creatures that live in the west of the Chaos Temple. And they can be safespotted by using the trees, getting them stuck as they take 3x3, or by using the tree stumps.

Players also suggest the new boss should have a stomp feature and a charge which can do huge amounts of damage when it catches you. And it can drop Mammoth bones and skins as regular loot and the tusks as rare loot.

So what's your opinion? You can talk with us on where you can buy cheap RS Gold.

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