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Divine simulacrum clothing for mmors I

Collect treasure hunter imitation sacred garments dual memories and description, plus the opportunity to Buy RS Gold some convenient delivery point.

Combination of all three elderly fake equipment, to further improve the effectiveness of the multiplier, plus five times the energy, the opportunity to more delivery points.

The equipment is available from 00:00 UTC on November 12, until 23:59 UTC on 16 November. Check back every day, because of the different clothing at a specific time.

Now the game, or read the full details!

What is the simulacrum of clothing?

There are three basic sacred imitation of equipment variants, each with a different color scheme. The equipment available at different times over the next five days:

November 12: Energy Equipment
November 13: Chronicle loaded
November 14: memory means
November 15: All three variants
November 16: All three variants

Please note that all day 00:00 UTC run until 23:59 UTC, in accordance with the game clock.If you want to learn more information about Runescape, so stay tuned to our website

Divine simulacrum clothing for mmors II
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