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Double XP weekend expansion

Double XP weekend kicks off on February 17th 12:00 UTC, and the same 72 hour gain, you know and love.

There is time to prepare, collect materials, and make full use of the benefits of a large number of XP.

Check out the full details of the double XP weekend page, read to find new features that we joined this time.

What's new?

This time we try something new. Double XP after the end of the weekend, there will be a tail, XP to upgrade the rivers and lakes members.

Tail off period from 12:00 UTC until 12:00 UTC February 27th February 20th.

During this period, members will enjoy the excitement before the 1 million XP win.

The limit is the same as the weekend itself.

Improved double XP start (+ 100% XP) and a reduction of 5% per XP won by 50000.

This means that if you can't make a double XP weekend, you'll have some extra opportunities after the weekend. Others are enjoying your leisure during the next week, which is a good addition to the extra XP. Welcome to discuss it and Buy RS Gold on our website


Available until 28th February
15 Year Veteran Cape
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