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Dune Fractures Has Begun

Maybe you have know the limited time event Dune Fractures has begun, during which you will have chances to get much Mining and Runecrafting XP. And this Treasure Hunter will give you more XP while earning Dune Mender.

During the period, you can choose two kinds of dunes to gain XP in Mining or Runecrafting. And one is the large dune spawns in the north of the Lumbridge Crater, while the other is small dunes vary their locations with the small yellow bar filled gradually over time.

These are possible places where small dunes may spawn, including east of the Al-Kharid mining site and southwest of the Mage Training Arena, Fremmenik Province, east of Ice Mountain, Karamja, Kharidian Desert, Lumbridge Swamp, southeast of the Memorial to Guthix, Morytania, Morytania, and Port Sarim.

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