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Dungeon of the wild

The team has been working hard for Buy RS Gold this week's update to revisit the three wilderness of the dungeon, giving them a major overhaul. This is a great opportunity to re forinthry the dungeon, the lava labyrinth and the wilderness dungeon.

Double XP weekend

Just a hint, from UTC 12:00 September 23rd UTC 12:00 time September 26th, the arena will be in the double XP of the weekend.

In short, this means that members of the RuneScape X2 and XP + 20% XP free players. The invention also includes in the first promotion.

On how and more general information on how to double XP weekend work information, see the information page.

Invention - the change of star, the experience curve of lamps and lanterns

From today, change, XP and XP bonus items like treasure hunters and star lights to the way of inventing skills.

Lights and stars are a little less inventive, since the invention of XP has a different experience curve for other skills in the game.

Now, the experience curve of the present invention will be used for these items to be modified. This should solve the balance problem, involving the use of the skills of Buy Runescape Gold the lights and stars.

In addition, lights and stars, the previous scale of the reward and your level in a selection of the skills are affected. If we miss any one, let us know, we will look at the lights on the basis of!

BTS the story of the nomadic for mmors
Dagannoth king and the wilderness dungeon rework
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