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Eastern continental crew in MiniQuest

A graphics update port Sarim led by the evil pirate evil from Jed's attack, who first with MEG cases. Fight back and earn a reward token for some really cool gear for cosmetics.

At the same time, to master a new port MiniQuest Sarim to collect their own crew - to ask for access to the east of the land, which is about to arrive in July 25th.

Finally, watch has been paid attention to Buy Runescape Gold how you deal with the purpose and an improvement, the boss of the reward system - check out!

Port in the invasion

This is a temporary free play of the events linked to the upcoming Eastern land. The event will be from now until July 25th UTC 23:59.

Please note that the fight is not safe. In case you die in battle, you need to recover your item from your tombstone, or from death.

Port is based on the evil and his vicious attacks on slave traffickers! From his killing, there are loads that can repel pirates in the process of making a generous reward token.

Once you have enough tokens, put them through your inventory to supply the cache host containing awesome items such as a paddle weapon, a variety of XP lights, a skeleton pirate cloak and a strange and terrible gun bullet.

To introduce you to the token system, with any seasinger device manufacturers alliance in the burthorpe or the captain at the harbor Sarim guard and receive the initial hiding token, let you start. Get more tokens:

Kill the pirates (also to fight XP)

Manufacture of shells (also for forging or positive XP)

Make a lot of powder (also for forging or XP)

Fix prison (also for the design or construction of XP)

Shooting, the ship's gun (also to give you remote or fire XP)

* click on the token in your list to Buy RS Gold call up the event interface. If you wish, this will allow you to switch which XP you invade from each port to receive and open / close combat XP.

Morvran the Slayer Master
A life size arc weapon design your own arc island
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